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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DIY Tutus for Kids!

Do-It-Yourself tutus are really popular right now! Ever wonder how everyone is doing it? Look no further, I have the answers!

1. Find 2-3 colors of tulle that you'd like to use. This can be found at various craft or fabric stores. The amount you'll need will more than likely be less than 2-3 yards. The tulle comes in various prices. The cheapest I've seen is approximately $1-$2 a yard.

2. Cut six-inch wide strips. The length should be doubled from the waist of the person to their knee.

3. Take an elastic band ($1-$2) and stretch it around either a new roll of paper towels (for a baby) or a binder (for a child). Next, take the tulle strips and overlap two strips, each a different color.

4. Take the two strips and slide them onto the elastic. Make sure the elastic is right in the middle of the two strips. Tie is off twice.

5. Repeat that step until the whole elastic is full. You can sew-on black dots on red tulle to make a lady bug themed tutu. You can also alternate black and yellow to make a bee themed tutu.

After removing it from the elastic, your tutu should be full and beautiful! Dress it up in any way you like!

Wasn't that easy? :) Alternatively you can click here to see how FamilyFun did it!

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